CageEye acquires NorseAqua

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NorseAqua, which develops and produces equipment for fish farming and cleaner fish, now joins IoT AgTech company.

In a press release, CageEye, known for their behavioral analysis and feeding control systems in aquaculture, report that it has acquired NorseAqua.

“As part of CageEye’s growth strategy, this most recent expansion further strengthens their position in the aquaculture technology space and enables for new opportunities inside and outside Norway,” it wrote.

Aquaculture entrepreneur Lars Berg-Hansen started NorseAqua in 2014 because he saw potential to help fish farmers improve their way of doing business. It became one of the first companies to introduce cleaner fish to the Norwegian market, as a sustainable and environmental way of dealing with sea lice problems.

The company has grown over the last years, serving some 3.000 salmon cages in Norway, Iceland, Shetland, Scotland, Faroe Islands and Canada and having around 4.500 products in the field.

Optimised production
Lars Berg-Hansen, founder of NorseAqua said:”I believe CageEye and NorseAqua are a great fit. Both companies are intrinsically motivated to help farmers fight some of the biggest challenges in current fish production today.”

CageEye acquires NorseAqua from CageEye on Vimeo.

NorseAqua General Manager Sveinung Kristiansen added: “We both offer solutions to the market that change the way farmers work. Either in the way they deal with sea lice or in how they make feeding decisions. But always with the same goal in mind: increasing farmer’s production.”

8 billion meals
CageEye uses hydroacoustics and machine learning to translate fish behavior into knowledge. This enables fish farmers to determine feeding regimes that maximize growth while reducing feed waste and improve animal health and welfare. The company said its growth plan for the coming years is to expand business into new geographies and other species besides salmon. Just a few months ago, they announced to commence operations in Chile.

CageEye CEO Bendik S. Søvegjarto explained that food security was paramount to the company: “By adding NorseAqua to our company we increase our development power, broaden our network and extend our support net. I am confident it will help us reaching our goals and ultimately provide our future population with 8 billion extra and sustainably produced meals per year in 2025.”


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