CageEye appoints new Director of International Business Development

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Feed control technology veteran Dr Sunil Kadri joins CageEye.

In a press release on Tuesday, the Norwegian company CageEye, known for their behavioural analysis and feeding control systems in aquatic farming, announced that Dr Sunil Kadri has joined their team as Director of International Business Development.

Dr Kadri has been involved in introducing innovative feeding technologies to the industry since the mid-90s and will use this knowledge and expertise to contribute to the further growth and development of CageEye. His first major task will be to commence operations for the company in Chile, where he will be based from September 2019.

Innovative feeding technologies
Having an extensive background in aquaculture and innovative feeding technologies, Sunil Kadri was part of Aquasmart in the mid-90s, the first company to successfully introduce “adaptive feeding”, or automated feeding to appetite, to the salmon market. Aquasmart later merged with AKVA and Superior Systems to become the AKVA Group, where he was Group Biological Manager. He later pursued interests in biotechnology and fish health, which has led him to hold Board positions within Europharma for more than 10 years. Dr Kadri is also an owner and former Director of AQ1 Systems, which supplies adaptive feeding systems to the shrimp farming sector, using passive acoustic technology.

Analysing and understanding fish behavior
Dr Kadri completed a PhD in salmon feeding behaviour in cages in 1995 and has continued to maintain honorary academic roles ever since. He currently holds an Honorary Senior Lectureship at the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling, and is well known among researchers and industry for his continued involvement in fish behaviour and fish welfare research, particularly for his ability to bridge the gap between academia and industry.

CageEye CEO Bendik S. Søvegjarto said he was excited to have Sunil Kadri on board: “It is great to have such a widely recognized expert in the field of fish and feeding behaviour and feed control technology joining our team. At CageEye, we work on increasing seafood production in the most effective and sustainable way. Understanding fish behaviour and feeding according to fish appetite are key to getting there. I feel that Sunil’s background, knowledge and passion and CageEye’s ambitions are a perfect match. He is a true asset to the team.”

Chile operations
The first major task for Dr Kadri will be to commence operations in Chile, where CageEye will serve clients in salmon farming and later on also in other species. “Having a strong passion for working on solutions to sustainably increase production in aquaculture, I am looking forward to starting this new position with CageEye. Aquaculture is an important source of high-quality proteins for future generations. Contributing to increasing production in Chile in the most responsible way is a challenge that I am looking forward to working on”, said Dr Sunil Kadri.


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