Camanchaca spending $46Mn to grow harvests 20%


Chilean salmon farmer, Camanchaca, plans to invest USD 26 million in 2018 to help it grow its harvest from this year’s planned 50,000 tonnes, writes El Mercurio.

Newly listed in Oslo, Camanchaca said it will spend 30 percent of this year’s budget maintaining current production and will put the rest, some USD 18.2 million, toward expanding capacity. That would USD 1.2 million more that it spend growing capacity in 2017.

In a note to investors in Santiago, president Ricardo Garcia said the allotment for this year was part of a three-year-plan from 2017 that envisioned the use of USD 46 million to help the company achieve 60,000 by 2021.

By that date, harvests of 15,000 t of trout were also being planned for.

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