Canada’s largest wellboat launched

editorial staff

Mowi Canada West’s “Aqua Tromoy” is three times the capacity of any existing vessel.

“The largest and most technologically advanced vessel to ever serve the Canadian aquaculture industry is now in B.C. waters,” wrote the salmon farmer in a press release last week.

“Aqua Tromoy” was built by Arctic Shipping and delivered to DESS Aquaculture Shipping in November. It comes equipped with the latest in water quality technology. On-board water treatment process includes oxygen generation, carbon dioxide (CO2) stripping, ozone and UV treatment of water. It is powered by four 1440 kWe diesel generators. The advanced IMO Tier III engines uses urea to reduce nitrogen oxide pollutants in exhaust gases.

“This vessel is on the cutting edge of aquaculture technology and is a crucially important tool in our integrated pest management strategy allowing treatment with both freshwater bath and hydrogen peroxide, two sea lice treatment methods encouraged by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council,” said Mowi Canada West Managing Director Dr. Diane Morrison. “”Aqua Tromoy” dramatically enhances Mowi Canada West’s ability to proactively manage our fish health in an environmentally friendly manner.”

At 77-metres long with a 15-metre breadth, the vessel has a hold with capacity for 3,000 cubic meters of water. Onboard reverse osmosis systems that can generate up to 6,000m3 of fresh water from sea water will fill the holds in 24 hours. Atlantic salmon are lifted aboard from farm pens and immersed in the fresh water, which is harmless to the fish, but removes sea lice and other saltwater microbes and parasites that do not tolerate low-salinity water well. Fine filters then remove parasites from the water before it is re-introduced to the ocean.

A highly trained crew of nine people will live aboard the vessel each shift, providing 24-hour service for Mowi’s farming operations.

“Aqua Tromoy exemplifies Mowi’s commitment to world leading sustainable practices for salmon aquaculture in British Columbia,” said Dr. Morrison. “Having a vessel with triple the capacity to our current largest vessel will be a game-changer for our business”.

Mowi Canada West (MCW) produces 45,000 tonnes of Atlantic salmon each year.


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