Canadian authorities urgently recall this smoked salmon range over Listeria health risk

Editorial staff

Canadian food safety officials are investigating smoked salmon marketed by Monsieur Émile Smokehouse after government testing found Listeria monocytogenes in the product.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has posted a recall of several smoked salmon products from the company in a press release. Some of the salmon is not packaged under any brand name. The rest of the recalled fish is packaged under the Monsieur Émile Smokehouse brand.

The company reported it distributed the smoked salmon in Quebec. The CFIA did not include any information on what specific entities received the fish. The entire list of recalled products is available here.

According to the recall notice by the agency: “Consumers should not consume and distributors, retailers, and food service establishments such as hotels and restaurants should not sell or use the recalled products,” according to the recall notice. Check to see if you have recalled products in your home or establishment. Recalled products should be thrown out or returned to the location where they were purchased.”

In 2010, the Government of Canada granted $43,000 in non-repayable funding to Monsieur Émile Smokehouse to expand its plant while increasing production capacity.


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