Canadian Fisheries Minister sets aside $647 million for wild Pacific salmon conservation and $20 million for BC salmon farm transition

editorial staff

The funds will be allocated to “stabilise and conserve wild salmon populations”.

According to Saltwire, the Canadian Government has put CAD 647 million (EUR 429 million) aside to be spent over five years for declining wild Pacific salmon stocks. The previous year’s federal investment was CAD 246 million (EUR 163 million).

The budget will be used for investments in research, new hatchery facilities and habitat restoration.

CAD 20 million (EUR 13.2 million) has been earmarked in the budget “to consult with the province of British Columbia, industry, scientists, Indigenous communities to develop a plan to transition from open-pen salmon farming in coastal BC waters by 2025”.

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In addition, CAD 3 million (EUR 1.9 million) will be spent on a two-year pilot to test management approaches to planning and monitoring of aquaculture activities in priority areas on the B.C. coast.

Federal Fisheries Minister Bernadette Jordan told the publication National Observer that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had mandated her to come up with a Pacific salmon strategy, “so now this (budget) gives us the means to do that,” she said.

“It’s been a priority for us, but we need to do more,” added Jordan.