Canadians call for land based farming after cage damage in Washington State

Salmon Business

The escape of Atlantic salmon from a Washington state farm should spur Canada to support a transition to land-based aquaculture, according to supporters of the country’s land-based salmon facilities, reports CBC news.

Three of the world’s 13 land-based salmon facilities are in Canada, while China has the largest production capacity with its two operations, followed by Denmark.

The leading closed-containment Atlantic salmon company in Canada is Kuterra, based in the Vancouver Island and owned by the Namgis First Nation, followed by Sustainable Blue in Dartmouth.

The owners received part of Kuterra’s funding from environmental organisation Tides Canada on the basis that it provides open access to its knowledge.

Looking for investors
The recirculating technology to grow salmon has improved over the last three decades, with systems that use less water and extract waste that’s turned into fertilizer.

A spokeswoman for Kuterra said her company has broken even after selling its salmon to a retailer in British Columbia and chains in Toronto and Washington state, but it is looking for investors by the end of September to take the company further.


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