Cape Horn salmon farm blocked by authorities

Mayor rejects salmon farm in the area after listening to activist presentation.

“We will go around the Horn,” blasted Lieutenant William Bligh aboard the Royal Navy vessel HMS “Bounty”. The “Bounty’s” 1788 desperate attempt to round Cape Horn – notoriously known as a sailors’ graveyard for its perilous sea conditions – famously ended up in mutiny.

But today, plans for salmon farming have been set adrift much like Bligh was 230 years ago.

La Prensa Austral reports that Mayor Patricio Fernández has rejected a salmon farm project in Cape Horn at the southernmost headland of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago commune – after listening to a presentation by Greenpeace’s Chile Campaign Coordinator Estefanía González.

In a press release, Fernández wrote: “This initiative is born of the concern of the community of no to the salmon farms. Today, many years are being thrown overboard in the effort to preserve the world biosphere reserve and tourism, we are not going to let this effort go to waste.”


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