Captain dies after vessel, part of OBI’s salmon fishing fleet, capsizes

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Large wave knocked entire crew overboard.

Last week, Alaskan State troopers released a statement identifying a 45-year-old Texas resident who died while in a fishing accident.

The resident, captain of the “Pneuma”, died after the gillnetter capsized in the Nushagak District fishery, Alaska, USA, sending the whole crew overboard.

On July 1st, at approximately 05:54 hours, Alaska Wildlife Troopers heard a call that a commercial fishing vessel was taking on water on the south end of Nushagak Bay.

“Two Alaska Wildlife Troopers patrolling commercial fishing activities in the area immediately responded to the area aboard a patrol skiff. Prior to arriving on the scene, it was reported that all three individuals aboard the fishing vessel were in the water. The two Troopers pulled one of the individuals to safety aboard their skiff, and the other two individuals were pulled aboard other fishing vessels that aided in the rescue. After extensive life-saving efforts, one of the individuals was declared deceased by USCG personnel at approximately 09:38 hours. The other two individuals declined further medical care,” wrote authorities.

On Tuesday, National Fisherman reported that the vessel was part of OBI Seafoods’ salmon fleet. OBI Seafoods is the company name for the merger comprised of two of Alaska’s largest seafood producers, Ocean Beauty Seafoods and Icicle Seafoods.

“”Pneuma” was stuck on a sandbar when a large wave knocked the entire crew overboard. The “Fortress”, and tenders “Provider” and “Last Frontier” responded to the call,” said OBI in a statement.

The company added that the deceased captain purchased the “Barbarian” and renamed it the “Pneuma” to fish salmon in Bristol Bay.


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