Cargill reports best performing figures in its entire history

The comapny reported huge profits this 2018 fiscal year, its largest ever.

In a statement released today, the company reported $3.2bn in net profit for the fiscal year that ended on May 31, a 9 per cent rise from fiscal 2017. In the fourth quarter, adjusted operating earnings totaled $809 million, a 76 percent jump from $460 million a year ago.

The company is also the world’s second largest fish feed company.

Both figures are the highest in Cargill’s 153-year history “excluding discontinued operations and investments” according to the Financial Times.

The company’s improved financial results over the past two years are because of a focus on animal protein and meat sales – which has become its biggest source of profits.

In 2015 the giant entered into an agreement with Altor Fund III and Bain Capital Europe III to acquire the Norwegian salmon feed company EWOS for EUR 1.35 billion.


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