Cargill triples number of net pens at research site

Editorial Staff

US-based feed giant to increase Norwegian research center’s netpens from four to twelve.

Cargill is set to invest NOK 15 million ($1.3 million) to expand its Innovation Center in Dirdal, Norway, enhancing its salmon feed research capabilities. The US-based feed giant will increase the center’s netpens from four to twelve, significantly amplifying its capacity for conducting field trials on salmon feed.

This expansion comes with an approval to increase the total biomass ceiling from 910 metric tons to 1,400 metric tons, offering Cargill enhanced flexibility in running feed and feeding trials.

Despite this increase, the overall allowed biomass for both sites remains at 1,560 metric tons.

Terje Utne, responsible for Cargill Aqua Nutrition’s field trials in Norway, highlighted that this development will allow for almost full-scale nutritional trials with up to four different feeds simultaneously. “The move will enable more advanced experimental design and a much-improved scientific outcome,” said Utne.

The expansion, completed on time and below budget, aligns with Cargill’s strategy to standardize components and equipment across its two nearly identical Norwegian facilities.


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