Cargo ship may have avoided capsizing after largest workboat was torn off deck

Aslak Berge

But the risk is not over.

The cargo ship “Eemslift Hendrika” is still operating without crew and engine power, due to wind and current conditions. On Tuesday evening, she was 40-50 nautical miles west of Ålesund, Western  The Coast Guard ship “Sortland” patroled the site.

“There are 15-18 meters of waves, as well as 18-20 m/s winds from the north. This makes it impossible for the coast guard to do anything other than observe,” the Norwegian Coastal Administration said.

Positive effect
AQS’ green-painted workboat, which was in the middle of the deck, struggled earlier in the day and is a few nautical miles from the site.

“The disappearance of the workboat is believed to have had a positive effect on the stability of “Eemslift Hendrika” and can help avoid capsizing,” the Norwegian Coastal Administration wrote in an update.

“The Norwegian Coastal Administration is in contact with the shipping company in the Netherlands, and has regular meetings with them. The Norwegian Coastal Administration has assisted in finding resources in Norway, and the shipping company has engaged two tugs, which will depart from Bergen and Kristiansund tonight. These will be at the site at 3-4 am tomorrow morning (Wednesday). If the weather permits, personnel will be transported on board the wreckage to get the tow. The ship is then scheduled to be towed to shore,” the Norwegian Coastal Administration said.

Photo: Søren Riegel

On Tuesday afternoon, a tug boat was dispatched from Måløy, Western Norway, in the direction of the site.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration is following the situation closely and is planning for a helicopter to possibly send crew out to the site.

Furthermore, the Norwegian Coastal Administration is surveying resources, both vessels and trained people for an oil spill action if the vessel were to hit land and ground.

“As of now it is just over 24 hours before it can happen, but it is likely that a tow will be connected before that. In the event that the Norwegian Coastal Administration will escort the tow with “Sortland”, and put its own pilots on board the towing vessels whenever possible”, added the Norwegian Coastal Administration.