Centre for Sustainable Seafood launches in Shetland

Editorial Staff

Tavish Scott, Chief Executive of Salmon Scotland has hailed the launch of the University of the Highlands and Islands initiative. 

The University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) inaugurated the Centre for Sustainable Seafood at its Shetland Scalloway Campus on Monday.

Established to become a leader in seafood sustainability and innovation, the center aims to enhance the understanding of sustainable practices within the global seafood industry.

The Centre is an independent, not for profit, charity that, at a local and regional level, supports the sustainable development of the marine sectors. The department conducts applied research providing advice to marine-based industries and other stakeholders within Shetland, wider Scotland, and beyond.

The Centre for Sustainable Seafood will leverage partnerships with industry experts and stakeholders to conduct research and develop educational programs that address skill gaps in the sector. It is set to foster collaboration among community members and marine professionals to ensure its research and policies reflect real-world experiences and challenges.

Professor Jane Lewis, Principal and CEO of UHI Shetland, emphasized that the center would provide “credible, robust, and targeted science, education, and training” to support the needs of the sustainable seafood sector.

The center was officially opened by Professor Ray Hilborn of the University of Washington, a leading researcher in fisheries science recognized for his work on sustainable fishery benefits to society.

Tavish Scott, Chief Executive of Salmon Scotland, highlighted the importance of the center, noting that “food security, growing the economy and sustainable sources of protein with low carbon impacts have never been more important.” He stressed the center’s role in promoting the importance of sustainable seafood through evidence-based approaches.

Mike Cohen from the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations also expressed support for the new initiative, praising UHI’s academic independence and rigor. He remarked on the aptness of Shetland as a location for the center, given its deep fishing heritage and modern seafood industry.


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