Marine Harvest CEO awarded compensation after car fraud


But the car seller has appealed against the verdict.

Marine Harvest’s CEO Alf-Helge Aarskog bought an Audi A6 in 2013 from the Norwegian company V & L Bil. The purchase price was €126,682, which was settled by trading in two cars and a payment of €18,629, according to Bergensavisen.

Two and a half years later, Aarskog received a claim for €107,000 from the Santander Consumer Bank in Norway; it turned out that the seller had taken private loans on the car in his own name.

The loan eventually expired without being paid, and the claim was directed at Aarskog.

Gross fraud
In mid-August Aarskog appeared in Bergen County Court House to seek compensation for the fraud.

For several years, the defendant was the owner and head of the car company, which went bankrupt on 30 November last year.

The defendant was sentenced to pay Aarskog €99,267 in addition to €22,471 in case costs, totaling €121,765.

The defendant has appealed the verdict.

“I personally never received the money, so I will fight to avoid paying,” said the defendant.

Aarskog declined to comment on the verdict.


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