Cermaq Canada’s new Hydrolicer will be in operation in July

31m long salmon delousing barge will be put into use at the Mitsubishi-owned salmon farmer’s operations next month.

Cermaq Canada posted the latest development of its USD 12 million new Hydrolicer, “Euro Special Purpose Pontoon” on Facebook, adding that has arrived in Tofino and will be put into use at our operations in July.

“This amazing sea lice munching machine is capable of treating an entire farm in two to three days using only ocean water – no pesticides, no medication, just ocean water,” wrote the salmon farmer.

The fleet will be equipped with four lines (with space for an extra two), which has the capacity to unload 50 tons of fish per hour PHOTO: Cermaq Canada

“The barge works by pulling fish up into the system through an intake tube and sends the fish through two chambers with fluctuating pressure changes (using only ocean water). The first chamber exerts downward pressure, which loosens the sea lice, and the second exerts upward pressure which then removes the sea lice. We should mention that the pressure is 34 pounds per square inch (psi) – which is about the same as a kitchen tap,” wrote Cermaq Canada.

“All of the removed sea lice, eggs and any other biological material captured as all of the ocean water is ripple filtered through three drum filters. It removes particles as small as plankton, separates the filtered materials, and then stores them for disposal on land,” it added.

Neptune Marine built the vessel at its yard in Aalst, Netherlands.


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