Cermaq CEO concerned about the “uncertainty” Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party campaign has raised

Geir Molvik also worried about the impact with the move from open-sea to closed containment on Cermaq’s staff and families.

As the news dawned on the BC salmon farming industry that Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party won the election, with it came the looming beginning of the end, with a phase-out due by 2025. One solace is that despite the party retaining power, it has done so but as a minority government.

Mitsibushi-owned Cermaq which farms Atlantic salmon at 28 sea sites around the coast of Vancouver Island, has much to lose. SalmonBusiness asked Cermaq CEO Geir Molvik his views on the situation.

Do you have any concerns?

“Cermaq remains committed to responsible farming in British Columbia and Canada, my concerns are for our staff and their families and the uncertainty this recent campaign platform has raised. I am confident that Cermaq shares many of the priorities of the newly elected Government in respect to climate change and action, wild salmon protection, UNDRIP and prosperous rural, coastal communities and we believe constructive dialogue is required now to support and protect all the jobs and careers created and supported by our Industry,” in an email to SalmonBusiness.

“We will need to farm the oceans to feed future generations and Cermaq is committed to being part of that future in Canada”.

Are you aware of any changes to legislation regarding salmon farming in BC?

“The political platform was released very recently, just prior to the election and we are not aware of any formal development of the policy at this time,” wrote Molvik.

Are you expecting to enter into dialogue with Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) and the Minister’s office?

“It is early days regarding the election outcome and Ministers can change seats; however at a working level in DFO, we are already participating in working groups on Innovation, Fish Health and Area Based Management. This is a process that has been in place for months,” he added.


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