Cermaq launches new brand platform: “True Arctic – slow raised salmon”

editorial staff

New B2B brand platform capitalising on unique geographical origin.

Salmon from Cermaq’s plant near the Arctic Circle will then reach customers with a clear arctic identity, the salmon farmer wrote in a press release.

Geographical origin is a trend we have seen in many food products from agriculture. The salmon produced in the sea is characterized by where it has lived. North of the Arctic Circle, the sea is colder both summer and winter, which means that it takes longer to produce a salmon, giving it some product benefits.

“With this brand platform, True Arctic Salmon, we will work closely with our customers to succeed in their communications and marketing. We are committed to creating category growth for our customers and we believe this can be a tool to help customers with this. This is part of our strategy of being a leading customer-oriented B2B company,” said Cermaq’s global sales and marketing director Arild Åkre.

The launch of True Arctic Salmon took place at the Boston Seafood Fair, including through its own web site True Arctic Salmon, and will be followed up at the Brussels Fair in May.

“The Arctic has its own identity, with magnificent nature, tough conditions, and cold and clean water. Here we produce food with Arctic effect and which has unique product properties. This is part of the origins of True Arctic Salmon, and is something quality-conscious consumers are concerned about,” said Cermaq Norway CEO Knut Ellekjær.


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