Cermaq on algae mortalities in Norway: “It’s an acute situation”

Stian Olsen and Aslak Berge

An algae bloom has resulted in increased mortality – to a considerable extent – for farmers in Nordland and Troms.

According to the Directorate of Fisheries, the problem has been observed in parts of the Astafjord in Troms, including the Grovfjorden, Gratangen and Lavangen, and at the bottom of Ofotfjorden in Nordland.

Algae bloom occurred before the weekend in Ofotfjorden, where Ballangen Sjøfarm is located.

Håvard Dekkerhus, section manager in the region of Nordland in the Directorate of Fisheries, informed SalmonBusiness that it is Cermaq who responded on behalf of Ballangen Sjøfarm. The companies have joint operations on sites in Ofotfjorden.

“We have been speaking to a considerable extent,” said Dekkerhus to SalmonBusiness without him being able to go into more detail on how much dead fish there are.

Cermaq communications manager Astrid Aam also said it is difficult to quantify the scope at the present time.

“We have no figures on this, so it is difficult to say. We do what we can in this situation. We have stopped feeding the fish so that it gets calm. Then we continuously take out dead fish and are monitor closely. It’s an acute situation,” she said.

SalmonBusiness tried to contact Ballangen Sjøfarm first – who have not yet responded.


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