Cermaq-owned hatchery set ablaze by arsonists, workers attacked

editorial staff

Chilean site set on fire. Guns were used to intimidate workers.

La Tercera reports that a smolt facility called Piscicultura Collín, which operated by Yadrán and is owned by Cermaq, was attacked and set on fire.

The attack happened on Thursday afternoon located in the commune of Vilcún in the Region of La Araucanía, Southern Chile.

Additional information from the local news site Clave9, reports that four people entered the grounds and intimidated staff with guns. They shot rounds and then set fire to a building, reportedly an office. Police are investigating. No staff were physically injured.

The trade organisation the Salmon Council strongly rejected and condemned the attack in a statement: “We regret these events that greatly affect the development of productive activity, along with putting at risk the safety of the workers who carry out their work and the surrounding communities. We hope that those responsible for these serious events will be caught. We are confident that violence will never be the way to resolve differences and we call for the institutional channels to resolve them”.

Cermaq Chile and other salmon farming sites have been attacked several times by groups.


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