Cermaq rated most transparent salmon farming company

Press release

Cermaq holds the number 1 position in Seafood Intelligence’s annual transparency benchmark report for 2017. It’s the fifth time the company had won this position.

According to the judging panel, Cermaq is unique in having external assurance of its sustainability report and also publishing quarterly sustainability performance results.

CEO Geir Molvik is proud of this accomplishment. “Our commitment to openness and transparency is at the heart of everything we do. It is our ambition that through transparency and open reporting on material topics, we will improve and strengthen the constructive dialogue with our stakeholders,” he says in a press release.


This is the 7th year that Seafood Intelligence has benchmarked transparency in the top 36 salmonid farming companies and 11 fish feed companies. Cermaq has been #1 five times and #2 twice.

Wenche Gronbrekk, Cermaq’s Head of Sustainability and Risk, says that it is very valuable for the company to obtain objective and comprehensive feedback. “We also believe that good reporting is an essential tool to strengthen sustainability performance.”

Besides the detailed rating system, the benchmark report highlights the alignment of the company’s strategy to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, its participation in industry partnerships such as the Global Salmon Initiative, Seafood Business for Ocean Stewardship (SeaBOS) and FReSH, and its acknowledgement of impacts and challenges.

About Cermaq

Cermaq is one of the world’s leading salmon and trout farming companies, with operations in Norway, Chile and Canada. It is a fully owned subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Corporation with a head office in Oslo, Norway.

Read more about the transparency benchmark report on www.seafoodintell.com