Cflow fish handling system to be used on world’s largest wellboat

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Shipowner Frøy Rederi has chosen Cflow Fish Handling (Cflow) to deliver a complete fish handling system on what will become the world’s largest wellboat.

On Wednesday in a press release, Cflow writes that together with Frøy Rederi and Møre Maritime, it has designed a new wellboat concept with several new solutions for the future aquaculture industry. Cflow has not disclosed the value of the contract but states that it is the largest single contract in the company’s history.

The wellboat is being constructed at Sefine Shipyard in Turkey, which is also Cflow’s contracting party.

In July, SalmonBusiness reported that the current world’s largest the “Ronja Storm” will lose its top spot in 2021.

World’s largest storage capacity

Once completed, the wellboat will be 83.72 metres long (R.L 79.76), 30.9 metres wide, and have a storage capacity of 7,500 cubic metres, which is the world’s largest storage capacity when it comes to wellboats.

“A vessel of this size obviously requires a fish handling system that is capable of processing large volumes of fish. I firmly believe that we have the market’s most gentle solutions for pumping, delousing, transport and cooling of fish, and that this has helped us secure this contract,” said Cflow CMO and head of the fishery and aquaculture business areas Gunnar Hoff.

Cflow will deliver a complete system for handling of live fish. Large sliding bulkheads for the vessel’s storage area is also part of the delivery. The equipment will be delivered during 2020 and first part of 2021. In addition, Frøy Rederi and Sefine Shipyards have contract options to equip the vessel with further on-board fish handling solutions.

Fish handling system
“The size of the contract reflects the size of the vessel and its fish handling system. It is easy to understand that this is an important contract to us. This will become an impressive wellboat and we are proud to contribute towards the project,” says CEO Cflow Arnstein Johansen.


Cflow will assemble its fish handling system at the company’s facility in Langevaag outside Aalesund, Norway. The company develops, designs and manufactures complete fish handling systems for the fishery and aquaculture industry. The company´s focus is to increase fish welfare, growth and quality through the gentle handling of live fish, with innovative system integrations and process control. Cflow is a subsidiary company of PG Flow Solutions, which is based in Sande, Vestfold, Norway.

“When we became co-owners of Cflow our intention was to combine the company’s unique fish welfare competence and technology with PG Flow Solutions’ liquid handling and pump competence. This contract confirms that we are succeeding with this approach, with Cflow as the group’s spearhead towards the aquaculture industry,” said PG Flow Solutions group CEO Steve Paulsen.

PG Flow Solutions provides proprietary solutions, systems and products for companies within the energy, maritime, aquaculture and land-based process industries. The heritage of the business is pumps and pumping systems. The company’s headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Sande, Vestfold, Norway. Its subsidiary Calder operates out of a similar facility in Worchester outside Birmingham, UK, while subsidiary Cflow Fish Handling operates out of Aalesund, Norway.


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