Chaotic scenes as protesters storm salmon processing plant

Hooded, masked men attempt to get workers to toe the line at Chile plant.

SalmonBusiness reported on Tuesday that salmon plant workers are now taking to the streets in Quellón, the Chilean port town and commune in southern Chiloé Island, Los Lagos Region.

President Pinera’s concessions (he dismissed the country’s entire whole cabinet in order to form a new government) have so far only managed to fan the flames of public anger, with many protesters now demanding that he resign. Protesters have been blocking main routes to the country’s salmon heartlands such as Puerto Montt, where goods are struggling to get out of the city to be exported.

In the footage posted by Revista Caminando, one worker appears to tears off his white safety overalls. Over workers appear to stand back and run as protesters – who are either hooded or masked – shout loudly.

It’s not known where the footage was taken but AquaChile, Yadran, Salmones Austral and Los Fiordos all have processing plants in Quellon.

In another video posted by Frente Fotográfico on Facebook, workers are seen being herded towards the exit. One commentator on social media claimed that it’s a plant that is run by Los Fiordos, however that is unconfirmed.

On Monday, The President of the workers union Federacion del Salmon De Quellon, Gustavo Cortes Solis, called upon workers to either join the barricades or to stay in their homes.


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