Chile celebrates first air freight fresh salmon cargo from Puerto Montt to Shanghai

A first as Salmones Camanchaca fish is sent by air from heart of Chile’s salmon farming region to Chinese capital.

For the first time, aerial export of fresh salmon are being made from Puerto Montt to Shanghai, halving the time it takes to reach China, reports BioBioChile.

The first export flight between Puerto Montt and Shanghai carried two and a half tonnes of whole fresh Salmones Camanchaca salmon. A journey that used to take five days now only takes two.

“This is the first salmon transfer from which the boarding point was made from the El Tepual airport, which will reduce the travel time from 5 days to 48 hours bound for China,” explained Los Lagos Intendant Harry Jürgensen who was there to mark the occasion. He was joined at by Salmones Camanchaca manager Manuel Arriagada (the salmon farmer behind the initiative) and Sernapesca regional director Eduardo Aguilera.

The salmon cargo is branded with New World Currents (NWC). The company was formed in 2013 following the union of five consolidated Chilean salmon companies (Australis, Blumar, Camanchaca, Yadran & Marine Farm) and was created exclusively for competing in the Chinese market.

The Shenzhen-based New World Currents accounts for 30% of all Chinese imports of Chilean salmon. In 2018, 33 thousand tonnes were exported to the Asian giant, an 80% increase from 2018.


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