Chile is now the biggest consumer of sushi in Latin America

And it’s being driven by food delivery apps.

Japan and Chile are 17,332 km away from each other but food knows no boundaries. According to a study carried out by online food delivery company PedidosYa, four out of ten orders in Chile are now sushi, accounting for around 30% of all of requests, as reported in

The trend has been boosted by the country’s rise of online food delivery companies like PedidosYa, Deliveryhero, Deliveroo and Deliboo.

PedidosYa, who conducted the study, has sushi stores all around in Latin America (which is every country south of the border of the United States).

According to the consulting company Euromonitor International, in 2017 Chile consumed EUR 494.5 thousand worth of sushi. By 2022, they expect it to go up to EUR 667.7 thousand.


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