Chile salmon industry to benefit from new trade agreements with China

Two separate trade agreements signed.

Under the first of the deals, the two nations agreed to start joint work to establish electronic certification for the shipment of aquaculture products to China, according to Serpapesca.

Growing rapidly
The agreements signed between the two countries aim to facilitate trade and the shipment of fish products to China, “an economy that is growing rapidly,” Economy Minister José Ramón Valente said in a statement.

The goal is to implement electronic certification in 2019. This is expected to remove the risks of counterfeiting and allow traceability of products from its Chilean point of origin to its destination in China.

Rolando Ibarra, Head of Health and Safety at SalmonChile, said that he valued the signing of this agreement, given that China and other Asian markets consider it “very important to have fresh products as soon as possible”, which “increases the comparative advantages with respect to our competitors” .

“Being able to offer a product of the quality of Chilean salmon, in addition to having it in an expeditious manner, is very important for the industry,” Ibarra added.

The second agreement paves the way to the Chinese market for Chilean fish oil for human consumption.

There are 12 production companies in the South American country that will benefit from the entry of this product, which will begin shipping to China next year, according to the site.

China salmon exports rose from nearly 12 thousand tonnes in the first six months of last year to about 24 thousand tonnes in the same period of 2018.


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