Chilean air exports to China grew by 123.2% in 2018

Salmon-by-air to the Eastern giant overtook sea cargo last year.

IndexSalmon’s market report on the transport of Chilean salmon exports in, reveals that air travel is fast becoming the go-to method of delivering salmon.

In 2018, the county exported 455,891 metric tonnes of salmon through maritime shipping (44.5%), air travel (29.1%), and overland (26.4%).

But with Chinese exports, transport by air grew by 123,2%, from 11.2 thousand tonnes in 2017 jumping to 25 thousand tonnes in 2018.

Though most salmon exported by air went to the United States (75.7%), while China was in second place with 17.3%. The third place was by Israel, with 2.5%.

By land – 120 thousand tonnes in trucks mainly went to Brazil with 71.3%. This was followed by the United States and Argentina, with 19.5% and 6.8% respectively. It’s also on these routes that frequent “Wild West” style salmon heists occur.

Mediterranean Shipping Co. controlled the majority of maritime shipments (25.5%). The countries that received the highest quantity of salmon via these routes were Russia, the United States, and China, reported.

Latam Airlines had the highest volume of air shipments (41.2%).


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