Chilean authorities deny Mowi a salmon escape recount

Sernapesca and salmon farmer in tug of war over how many of the 680,000 fish have been recaptured.

BioBioChile reports that Chilean aquaculture and fishing authority Sernapesca has ruled out a recount of last year’s salmon escape.

A storm on July 6 2018, damaged nine enclosures at the former the former Marine Harvest Punta Redonda farm near the southern city of Calbuco, freeing some 680,000 fish into Chilean waters. Mowi risks losing its concession after only reaching the 5.5 per cent recapture rate when the minimum set was 10.

According to documents, Mowi reports that Sernapesca has prevented it from accounting for escaped fish through purchase from fishermen by demanding possession of the specimens as a single proof of recovery.

Sernapesca regional director Eduardo Aguilera said that the company was given many facilities once the salmon escaped, establishing the relevant recapture conditions.


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