Chilean authorities reject Lago Yelcho licences

Authorities have blackballed 11 salmon farm projects belonging to the Chilean farmer Cultivos Marinos on the grounds that they lacked essential information to determine their environmental impact.

The Environmental Assessment Service, SEA Bío Bío, did not accept the qualification for 11 projects belonging to the company Cultivos Marinos Lago Yelcho according to the site diarioconcepcion.

“The EIS of the project lacks relevant information for its environmental assessment,” the SEA found.

The company had planned to invest some $2.8 million into the projects to produce 4,600 metric tons of salmon at Isla Santa María, Coronel,  Hualpén and Tomé.

The company wanted 18 net pens in each of the projects, 40 meters in diameter and 20 meters deep.

Cultivos Marinos said it aims to appeal the decision.


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