Chilean pioneer companies: stronger together

The presidents of AquaChile and Multiexport, Víctor Hugo Puchi and José Ramón Gutiérrez, believe that the salmon companies would be stronger together.

The pioneering companies, both locally and worldwide, want to not only decrease the risk of bankruptcy but to create bigger players with more negotiating power, greater efficiencies and sounder financial structure, according to El Mercurio.

“The industry is looking more positive now. The banks are opening up to an industry that they supported for many years, then, as a result of a long salmon crisis, they started questioning whether the model we had was correct or not. Now, with the regulatory changes that have given the business a long-term perspective and stability, banks will start approaching us,” José Ramón Gutiérrez of Multiexport says, according to the Chilean newspaper.

The newspaper writes that the two companies wants to merge in order to maintain a better environment, and controlling production more easily to avoid new crises.

“Stability is fundamental,” the president of Multiexport says.


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