Chilean salmon farmers face potential disruption over trucker strikes

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“We are tired of dealing day by day with subhuman work endurances and conditions”. reports that salmon farmers face potential setbacks fresh fish deliveries as trucker unions threaten to stop working in the Los Lagos region, Southern Chile.

El Sindicato Conductores Zona Sur (the Southern Zone Drivers Union) issued a letter to the authorities warning they will take action. “We are tired of dealing day by day with subhuman work endurances and conditions,” the union wrote.

The truckers said they want to improve and streamline into a single point the customs process and health control of admission to Chiloé (not in three parts as it is currently). They also want access to toilets and hygiene facilities which are closed as well as restaurants en route. Furthermore, they want to increase the operating hours of health customs to 24/7.

“We do not ask for impossible things, we only ask for basic and dignified conditions, like any other worker in this country, because not simply by moving to the island of Chiloé our rights should be lost or made such distinctions. After this warning strike, we expect a concrete response to our request. Otherwise, the next strike will be indefinite,” they said.

The salmon workers union Multisindical de Trabajadores Salmoneros ( Multisindical Of Salmon Workers) told the publication that they supported the truckers union adding “patience is limited”. “Personally and as Multisindical Of Salmon Workers, Fisheries and Related Affine Branches, we support all their efforts and requirements,” said president Alejandro Santibáñez.

Los Lagos city and salmon hub Puerto Montt was put into lockdown on Wednesday because of a rise on COVID-19 cases.


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