Chilean trucker strike blocking salmon farm ends

Nova Austral reaches agreement with local authorities, with transport companies ending short-lived demonstration as of immediate effect. 

A strike held by the Chilean truck union in southern Chile ended from the early hours of Tuesday, with an agreement by salmon farmers Nova Austral according to elmostrador.

The truck strike which began on Monday night in the Punta Arenas area nearly caused havoc for the salmon industry in the southern Magallanes region with truckers blocking access to other cities. The truck drivers were demanding a solution for a series of issues concerning pay and conditions with the regional government.

The president of the union, who led the strike, Miguel Cárdenas, explained: “We have reached an agreement with these loading companies.” He added that the pay issue with Nova Austral, one of the parties involved, had been resolved. “We apologise for the obstacles and difficulties that our strike caused in the community,” added Cárdenas.


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