Chileans in salmon salvage operation

Salmon Business

Authorities have decided to extract dead salmon from a well boat that sunk off the southern coast of Chile two weeks ago, local media have reported.

Chilean news outlet 24Horas, citing a press release from local government, said “Seikongen” sunk with 70 tonnes of fuel and 200 t of salmon onboard (37,000 fish). The mayor of nearby Los Logos visited the site of the wreckage and said the fish would be recovered and moved to land in “specially made containers” before being destroyed, local paper El Diario reported.

None of the 11 persons on board were harmed when the boat —  which had just been built at a yard in Hong Kong — capsized and then sank in calm water. The boat was owned by CPT Empresas Maritimas and under contract with Camanchaca.

Shallow, murky and shifting waters have complicated the salvage operation, with crews limited to a few hours of work per day.


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