Chile’s Boric: Regulatory changes will guarantee environmental protection, provide legal certainty for investments

Chilean President Gabriel Boric announced his plan to modernize aquaculture regulations so they would guarantee the highest environmental protection but the at same time provide a legal certainty for investments.

Boric made known his intention during his first State of the Nation address on Wednesday, June 1.

“We need to move towards more sustainable practices that manage to integrate economic benefits and inclusive development through the creation of local jobs, with a long-term view,” he said in his speech, as quoted by news outlet Aqua.

He plans to reformulate policies in order to promote artisanal fishing and small-scale aquaculture.

President Gabriel Boric announced his plan to tweak Chile’s aquaculture regulations during his State of the Nation address on Wednesday

“We will fulfill our commitment to advance in a new law free of corruption and the result of an open and transparent debate that delivers clear, fair and sustainable rules, both at an industrial and artisanal level,” he said.

“Chile owes a debt to the citizens of the sea,” he added. “It is time for the State to be able to develop policies in accordance with the importance of this sector, which stimulate this activity preferably destined for human consumption, advancing food sovereignty and security.”


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