Chile’s strong salmon export growth to US marred by lower prices

The South American country sent most of its prized exports to the States. But there is a “but”.

According to the latest IndexSalmon figures reported in corresponding to the first semester (1S) of 2018, Chile is the only country that increased its exports to the US (compared by 2017’s first semester ending in June) doing so by 24.2%. Growing from 63.743 tonnes to 79.139 tonnes.

The US’s second largest supplier – Canada – exported 39.979 tonnes of salmon with an increase of 1.6%. Norway sent 26.153 tonnes of produce to the States, an increase of 7,6% compared with last years figures (24.306 tonnes).

The UK increased their overseas market by 4.4% and the Faroe Islands was up by 2.9%.

However, despite the South American country taking 13% of the overall market share, the price of salmon fell in Chile to USD 11.22 per kilo to USD 12.51 – a drop of 10,3%, the largest of any country.


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