China announces new import requirements for airborne fresh salmon

editorial staff

Local customs authorities in Shanghai have informed Chinese importers about new requirements when importing fresh salmon through Pudong Airport in Shanghai.

This is stated by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority on its website.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority is not aware of any public written information on these requirements from Chinese authorities as of today. It is reported that the requirements will enter into force on 10 September 2021. The requirements relate to packaging and labelling.

According to the information received by the Food Inspectorate, the following requirements will apply in Shanghai from 10 September:

  • Fresh salmon must be packed in an inner and an outer package.
  • Inner packaging must also be labeled in English and Chinese.
  • Items that do not meet the requirements for packaging and labeling will be returned or destroyed.
  • Importers have been asked to inform foreign players about the latest update on the requirements.
  • The original health certificate must be handed over to the authorities within three days after the export batch has been handed over. If the original health certificate is missing, the exporter must explain the situation in a letter and guarantee when the original certificate will be transferred.
  • Justification for inner and outer packaging is referred to, among other things, Decree 249 (which is set for implementation from 1 January 2022).

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