China authorities shun frozen food from countries suffering from “severe novel coronavirus outbreaks”

editorial staff

Importers told to make alternative plans.

China has urged importers on Monday to avoid importing frozen food from countries severely affected by the coronavirus outbreak, following several positive tests of imported seafood products, Reuters reports on Monday.

The call goes on to closely monitor the foreign pandemic situation and “proactively avoid imports from areas hard hit by the coronavirus,” and make alternative plans for imports.

“Customs and local governments have repeatedly detected the coronavirus in imported cold chain food, proving it risks contamination,” the Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau said in a statement issued to import companies.

China this month suspended imports from seafood producers from Russia, as well as Indonesia, and Brasil, for a week or more.

In the UK, an estimated 17.8 million people, more than a quarter of the UK population including salmon producing Scotland, are under tougher coronavirus rules. This follows the UK reporting its highest ever number of new daily cases, reported Sky News.


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