China lowers import duty on more than 250 seafood products

Editorial staff

China has introduced new tariffs as well as a reduction on rates for a variety of seafood products, including fresh and frozen salmon fillets.

Chinese authorities have announced that the country will reduce import duties on a total of 1,449 products, including more than 250 seafood products. The statement marks China’s effort to open up trade and will take effect from the 1st July.

The new tariffs mean that a number of Norwegian seafood products will soon have reduced import duty. Customs tariffs for processed products will also be reduced.

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“The changes don’t apply to whole Atlantic salmon, but will however reduce tariffs for both fresh and frozen filets of salmon. Customs duty will be reduced from 10% to 7%, “said Sigmund Bjørgo, Norway’s seafood delegate to China.

As a result of the changes in the Customs Tariffs (MFN), the temporary import tariff for 210 selected products will be removed. Temporary duty rates for products not directly mentioned among the 210 products are continued. This applies, for example, to frozen Atlantic salmon which still has a 5% temporary duty.


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