China successfully harvests first catch of Atlantic salmon from deep-sea fish farm

Shenlan 1, China’s first deep-sea fish farm and the world’s first low-latitude Atlantic salmon farm site, has secured a bumper harvest, securing a haul of 15,000 fish so far.

The site has now marked the country’s first catch of Atlantic salmon from deep and far sea, according to Guo Peng, an official from the region’s agricultural authority.

The farming project was launched by Shandong Marine Group, Wanzefend Group and Qingdao Ocean Investment Group, seeking to promote the development of the national deep and far sea green culture experiment zone in the region.

Using a recently added biomass monitoring system, optimised breeding monitoring system and remote information transmission system, the site can be directly managed from over a hundred nautical miles away. The system allows officials to engage in real-time monitoring of the fish, allowing staff to accurately adjust feeding dependent on the information provided, helping to improve the quality of harvest produced.

The company has an experiment zone located in the Yellow Sea Cold Water Mass, which keeps the temperature under 12C throughout the year, providing a suitable environment for salmon and other cold-water fish.


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