China’s giant ‘Deep Blue No. 1’ salmon farm undergoing repairs – 200,000 fish removed from site

Fish that have grown up to 2kg have had to be removed as China’s first offshore farm is down until repairs are finished next month.

The Qingdao government website reports that ‘Deep Blue No.1’ is being repaired and will go to sea again in May this year. The reasons why it is has been have not been divulged.

Dr Dong Shuanglin from the Ocean University of China wrote that the fish have been removed and transported to a nearshore site. The site contained 200,000 salmon.

“In addition, we will build the ‘Deep Blue No. 2’ cage, which is expected to be completed by the end of this year and will be able to raise 1 million fry next spring,” added Shuanglin.

Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group CO, a subsidiary of the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, built “Deep Blue 1” is as tall as an 11-story building.

SalmonBusiness has contacted Dr Dong Shuanglin for additional information.


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