Chinese to inspect primary Norwegian processing

press release

In the second week of March, 2018, inspectors from China’s seafood inspectorate will arrive in Norway to inspect fish processing plants, and to learn more about Norwegian aquaculture.

“We hope the inspection results in the annulment of the suspension of whole, gutted salmon with gills from (the Norwegian counties of) Troms, Nordland and South Trondelag,” said the Norwegian Seafood Authority’s section head, Malin Florvaag, in a statement.

In 2015, Chinese inspectors stopped the import of that type of salmon in those counties after finding the ISA virus. The suspension of Norwegian imports could end with the conclusion of those March inspections.

“We’re very satisfied that they’re coming. We hope the inspections result in all facilities without ISA and PD (viruses) get to export fish to China,” Florvaag stated. Norway in 2017 agreed not to export infected fish to China.

“It’s crucial that all exporters follow the demand. Otherwise, they put trade with China in jeopardy,” she said.

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