City of Belfast, Maine releases positive report on inland Nordic Aquafarm

The city has released a report evaluating the company planning to build one of the largest land-based salmon farms in the world in its back yard.

Nordic Aquafarms want to construct a 40-acre inland salmon farm just off the border with Canada on the U.S. east coast, capable of producing more than 33,000 tonnes of salmon per annum of the fish per year.

The city commissioned a report looking into whether Nordic Aquafarms can actually follow through on that plan.

The results showed that the company “has gained and acquired significant competence during the last years. Their approach on other projects and stepwise constructions has given them a unique experience to conduct this type of project.”

Nordic Aquafarms, owner of land-based salmon farmer Fredrikstad Seafood, hopes to start construction in 2019, with “first-fish” ready by 2020.

The report, released today by the city of Belfast can be read in full here.


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