Closed-system salmon farm to be filled with 250 tonnes of post-smolt

editorial staff

Last week, the FishGlobe 3.5K was launched in Bamble in southern Norway.  

The smolt is provided by the salmon farming company Ryfish, under an operating agreement with Grieg Seafood Rogaland.

The quay in Bamble has been a hive of activity since April earlier this year, where over 15 people have been involved in what can be called a masterpiece of a thermoplastic construction. The agreement on the construction of the closed fish farm was entered into this winter.

“With a total weight of 200 tonnes and a diameter of over 22 meters, this is truly a colossal construction,” said Geir Andresen, partner and project manager at BlueGreen, in a press release.

Photo: BlueGreen

“I am very happy with the project. It has taken many thousands of hours of work and the guys have been absolutely fantastic. Not least in the final sprint, they have shown an extremely high work ethic. In this project, we have demonstrated both professional competence and the ability to be solution-oriented.”

“BlueGreen is at the forefront of large PE constructions in the world. No one is close to achieving what we have done – in just six months,” Andresen said proudly.

FishGlobe has a unique patented technology, is built from 100 per cent recyclable polyethylene and is also very resistant to corrosion.

“We assume that the plant can be in operation for at least 20 years. When it finally has to be disposed of, it can be ground up and reused in new products,” said Nils-Johan Tufte, CEO of BlueGreen.”Many point to plastic as an environmental culprit, but the fact is that plastic is actually the environmentally friendly alternative on this type of construction.”

Photo: BlueGreen

The excitement was palpable during the launch.

“The operation was well planned,” says Andresen. “But anytime you have 200 tonnes being lifted into the sea, there is a certain tension. The rigging took a little longer than expected, but the actual launch went better than planned.”

The customer was also very satisfied with the work of BlueGreen.

“We are already in dialogue with Uponor to start construction of the next FishGlobe shortly,” Andresen said, and added that the project has required groundbreaking work on welding procedures: “This is where our expertise really lies. We can document that what we do is safe, and we can be behind a handover with guarantees that this holds true.”