Coming to a supermarket carpark near you? Swedish company pioneers urban aquaculture

Editorial Staff

Agtira currently has 16 existing and planned facilities across Sweden.

Swedish foodtech company Agtira has announced a new three-way partnership with Dutch land-based fish farming engineering and consultancy firm Landing Aquaculture to install a compact Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) at its aquaponics facility in Östersund, central Sweden.

This partnership aims to enhance Agtira’s “circular close cultivation” model, integrating fish farming with hydroponic vegetable production using recycled water.

The company expects that fish from the new RAS system will be available for ICA Maxi customers beginning in 2025.

Agtira currently supplies the retail outlet with vegetables from its greenhouse and fish from its RAS farm in nearby Härnösand, which includes a hatchery.

Once Agtira can assure retailers of a consistent supply, it plans to market the freshness of its salmon and trout to shoppers. This will augment current in-store offerings, such as in-house sushi preparation counters.

Agtira’s business model, termed Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS), offers construction and operation of customized aquaponic facilities as a service. Supported by the EU’s agricultural fund for rural development, Agtira has already attracted major clients like ICA and Lidl in Sweden.

The facilities utilize waste water from fish to fertilize plants, thus saving water and fertilizer. The closed systems allow for around 90% water reuse after filtration through the greenhouse.

At ICA Maxi in Östersund, the facility annually produces 10 tons of Atlantic salmon. Agtira currently has 16 existing and planned facilities across Sweden.


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