Company applies to be New Brunswick’s first land-based salmon farm

RC Organic Northern Products submits environmental impact report for site on East Coast province of Canada.

According to a environmental impact report first covered in CBC, a new company is planning a land-based salmon farm in vacant lobster processing plant in Grande-Anse, Gloucester County, New Brunswick.

The company, called RC Organic Northern Products, aims to create organic Atlantic salmon and use the remaining infrastructure, including the existing building for the freshwater hatchery, and saltwater wells for the Grow Out

“The fish would be hatched from eggs and grown to adult size before being shipped to market,” it wrote.

The site has no freshwater well and would require drilling and assessment of a freshwater well for the hatchery and an assessment of the existing saltwater wells for the grow-out building, to determine the quantity and quality of water available to the facility.

But it added that this will determine the production capacity (and therefore economic feasibility) of the project.

SalmonBusiness has contacted Roméo Cormier, who is listed as its RC Organic Northern Products, for more details.

The publication reported that there are currently no land-based Atlantic salmon farms in New Brunswick, though Kelly Cove Salmon, a subsidiary of Cooke Aquaculture, is in the early stages of planning a multimillion dollar RAS post-smolt facility there.

Sea pens in the province represent approximately 40 per-cent of all Canadian salmon production.


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