Company was going to build two “salmon catamarans”, but now an employee has filed for bankruptcy

Stian Olsen

An employee of Green Ship Design has filed for bankruptcy.

This was stated in a list at Sunnhordland District Court, Western Norway. According to the District Court, a hearing is due on February 16th.

The employee confirmed to SalmonBusiness that the bankruptcy proceedings have been submitted to the court, but did not wish to comment further on the matter at this time.

In August last year, SB sister site iLaks reported that the founder of Green Ship Design, Magnar Hellesøy, was going to build two catamarans that will transport salmon between Bergen and Rotterdam in 18 hours.

Each catamaran will be 90m long and 32m wide, and will accommodate 55 trailer hangers with 1,100 tonnes of salmon, Hellesøy stated. The hulls are being built in Poland, while the boats will be equipped in Norway. The price tag per catamaran is USD 41 million.

SB has repeatedly tried to get in touch with Hellesøy, but he has so far not answered our inquiries.

Illustration: Green Ship Design

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