Complex for large-sized smolt will be Marine Harvest’s largest plant

editorial staff

Once the third construction stage of the smolt production plant becomes operative in November, it will be capable of supplying up to 7.5 million fish.

In an interview with local newspaper Tidens Krav, Marine Harvest Nordheim Operations Manager Nils-Ole Klevjer said:

“To be able to supply small-sized salmon weighing between 400 and 500 grams each is an important contribution to our strategy to reduce production time in the sea. This is more than a tripling of the weight in relation to a considerable portion of the smolt that are currently supplied from other smolt production sites. Bigger smolts result accordingly in shorter production time in the sea, which in turn reduces exposure to lice and other biological challenges.

The new build will have a surface area of 9,000 square metres, which will make the Nordheim, Western Norway, smolt production plant the largest of the 20 plants that Marine Harvest Norway has along the Norwegian coast. The hall contains 12 tanks, each with capacity of 1,100 cubic metres.

The technology that will be employed at the Nordheim plant is based on recycling with a total water circulation of 400 cubic metres per minute, and only requires 0.4 cubic metres new water per minute. This provides an achieved level of recycling of 99.5 percent.



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