Compressor upgrade helps salmon producer to cut energy bill

Marine Harvest saves thousands in annual energy savings thanks to compressor upgrade.

The Swedish industrial company, Atlas Copco, updated its compressed air system with new technology and helped the salmon producer save 76% in energy as well as 30% reduction in service costs amounting to £21,000 as reported in EnviroTech.

Marine Harvest uses compressed air to feed the servo mechanisms of the plant.

Marine Harvest asked the company to conduct an audit to identify possible energy and service savings. The audit confirmed that the existing compressor was significantly oversized relative to the current and predicted future production demand.

Brian Banks, Head of Engineering at Marine Harvest explained: “Without a reliable compressed air supply, a significant proportion of the equipment in this factory simply would not function, meaning that production would effectively come to a halt. That’s why this project was so important to us. Delivering downsizing whilst upgrading reliability was definitely a team effort and it was reassuring to work with experienced air professionals. Although a key success for me is that the project was delivered on time and within budget, I think the 76 per cent energy savings and the 30 per cent reduction in our servicing costs that we have achieved speak for themselves.”