Construction begins on $228m salmon farm in heart of the Virginia coalfields

editorial staff

After a ten years of planning, southwest Virginia is set to become home to the cutting edge of aquaculture as Pure Salmon begin construction on its new salmon farm.

Construction has begun on Pure Salmon’s new US$228 million RAS facility off of Route 58 in southwest Virginia. The construction project represents one of the largest capital investments in the region’s history. The Singapore-based company says the site will create more than 200 jobs in the region.

The facility is expected to raise and process up to 20,000 tons of salmon annually.

“Non-coal related industry, it may be one of the largest investments in southwest Virginia. That would be a tremendous game-changer,” Tazewell County administrator Eric Young told News 5.

Tazewell County Board of Supervisors Chairman Tom Lester said, “For every job that is created by Pure Salmon, we can expect 2.5 jobs to be supported by that. That’s why we say it’s a game changer. Something like this brings a lot of revenue into counties and communities, which we’re excited about, but we’re really excited about the jobs.”

Pure Salmon has been developed by Singapore-headquartered 8F Asset Management, a global asset management firm focused on impact investing.


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