Construction to start at $56 million Tasmanian aqua feed factory

Regulatory approval has been issued to BioMar, paving the way for the construction of its new Tasmanian manufacturing plant.

The construction is expected to cost AUD $56 million (EUR 34.5 million) and will start after the Latrobe Council and Environmental Protection Authority assessed and approved the development application, proposal and environmental management submissions at its Wesley Vale location according to FeedNavigator.

The approval means that the company can seek an Australian firm to commence construction as soon as possible, with an operational date by 2019. It’ll also source local grain producers to meet its own sustainability criteria.

Talking to the site, BioMar CEO, Carlos Dias said,

“The site was selected for its proximity to both local customers and its logistics. We need to be located close to domestic and international ports for inbound and outbound logistics.”

One in three farmed salmon in Tasmania is fed BioMar fish feed products, currently being exported from Scotland. When completed, the fish food production facility will produce 110,000 metric tonnes of feed annually to meet Tasmania’s growing salmon industry’s demand – whose primary players are Huon Aquaculture, Tassal and Petuna.


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