Cooke Chile unveils branding for new EU certified organic ‘Shima’ salmon

Editorial Staff

Cooke Aquaculture has introduced the new brand by which its EU certified organic salmon harvested in Chile will be marketed. 

In March, Cooke Chile successfully harvested the first EU certified organic salmon in Chile after a four-year process. Now the company has unveiled the branding for its new product.

“We are proud to present our brand of organic salmon certified as organic for the EU,” wrote Andres Parodi, General Manager for Latin America on LinkedIn on Wednesday.

The organic salmon, cultivated in the Cupquelan fjord within the Aysén Region, now accounts for 25% of Cooke Chile’s total production.

Image: Cooke Aquaculture

To meet EU organic standards, Cooke Aquaculture undertook significant financial and operational investments. This included a comprehensive cleaning and sterilization of facilities, with hatcheries resting for six months and sea sites for three months. The company also imported organic feed from Scotland due to local unavailability.

The ccompany claims several health and environmental benefits for the new product, including 40% less density in seawater, use of sustainable fishmeal and fish oil, 100% natural and eco-approved pigments, and is free from chemicals, GMOs, and antibiotics. Notably, this salmon offers 50% less sodium, 45% more Omega 3, and 15% less calories compared to conventional salmon.


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